Much ado about nothing

Ha!  I hope this gets easier because it takes me ten minutes just to think of a good title.  : )  Do you know the feeling of thinking all these great ideas, but not being able to articulate them AT ALL?!  I think that’s why I started blogging.  My goal is to get to the computer when I’m having these great thoughts!  Me and every other person, right?  At least if we’re shooting for something, we’re making some progress.  The doggie paddle get you SOMEWHERE, although it may not be far, it’s  step in the right direction.  Sitting on my deck  trying to enjoy what little color I see.  The older I get, the more I enjoy fall.  Summer is great, but I LOVE being able to put on a great pair of jeans and a sweater!!  What does that mean?  Means I’m getting more mature, I hope.  : ) I suppose as long as I think that’s what it means, I guess that’s all that matters, right?  I also have this bad habit of going back over EVERYTHING that I’ve written and losing all my thoughts, that’s why this may seem so random, but also keeps me from repeating sometimes!  The weather is nice today!  Wish it could be like this all winter, sunny, breezy and just under 70 with no snow.  Aaah, if wishes were only  fishes, we’d all have an ocean!  One of my many favorite corny lines.  But imagine if nobody had any wishes… the world just wouldn’t be the same now, would it?  I don’t think so.  The key is having the wishes while not letting all the other good things pass you by.  Our lives are now, so we need to believe in today.  So much easier said than done though, right?  I think so.  Maybe the key is just realizing that we really do have these great things, so we shouldn’t spend our time wishing life away.  Be careful what we wish for, eh?  Perspective is a funny thing.  Sometimes, I wish I would have had more when I was younger.  But maybe if we always had good perspective, we wouldn’t be able to “just kids”?  Something to think about…   Like I said, random thoughts…  On that note, good day!  Hope all is well in everyone’s world!  Never pass up the chance to tell someone you care!!! 


keep it simple

It is easier to keep harsh works unspoken, than to mend a heart those words have broken.  I read that quote a long time ago, and still I always think of it when confrontation arises between myself and loved ones.  Remembering those words has kept me from saying spiteful and hurtful things in a fit of rage or anger.  It is amazing to me how a few simple words can have such an impact.  Care to share any “words of wisdom” and how they’ve impacted you?

learning applications

I recently got a macbook, and I’m looking for some suggestions on where I may be able to find online tips, tutorials, learning apps, etc to help me learn to use my computer effectively.  I’m not computer illiterate, but I know there are so many fun and creative things my computer can do, and I’d like to learn some new stuff. I’ve done different searches, but they never seem to give me what I’m looking for, or at least what I think I’m looking for.  I’m hoping someone with more experience can point me in the right direction.